Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

I am so very thankful for the last year of my life. I have been blessed with a man who loves me through good and bad... hormone ravaged and sane.... chubby and "college girl hot" and the honor being this little angel's mother.

From Belly to One
Our Son's First Year of Life
(sit back and enjoy and if you are coming to his party you may want to wait to watch it, the uncut 15 mins will be aired then) 

And yes Grandparents, you are getting your very own copy.

**I, also, would like to thank Alysha @ TheTarrPitt for giving me this fantastic idea.


Gini said...

I am so glad you have linked up with us for Thankful on a Thursday! It's amazing how much thigns can change in a single year. This video is AMAZING! He will love looking back on this awesome year!

~*Jess*~ said...

That is awesome! I love the music!

Alysha said...

awwwww you are sooo welcome for the idea!! Isnt it just fabulous!! What a super cute video! They always bring tears to my eyes !:)