Monday, July 26, 2010

I almost gave up

I wasn't going to write a McFatty post this week. I was kind of sick of thinking about my weight, my husband told me that I was one dimensional and that's the only thing I talked about and lets be honest it is really hot outside. Then out of habit I started reading some of the other ladies on the McFatty quest and started to think.

Alena @Charming Chandler talked about just doing it (losing the weight) and stop talking about it.
Earth to LA does that sound like you? While pregnant I constantly said when I get cleared for exercise I will join weight watchers and train for a 1/2 marathon. Did I do either one of those things? Nope.

Then Jacqueline @MarblesRolling wrote a post I could have written myself, absent the actively trying for number 2. We are still talking about when to start. I have many fears about not going ahead and pounding out the kids. I have one kidney have been told that with every year I wait the more stress my body will go through and the more likely something will happen with my health. So part of me wants to have more now and part of me is yelling "No, no, no" get that weight down before you even think about it. She talked about learning to love your body, and more specifically your new body because ::news flash:: pregnancy changes things and not everything goes back to normal. My body literally changed overnight, my previous ridiculously narrow hips became normal. And I can run all I want, those bones aren't moving.  I have a memory of what I looked like July 2008 and I have set that as the standard. I think, I need to learn to be realistic and to set smaller goals.

So here I am today, not overly sure what step to take or what to think. But learning that my weight does not define me as person, that I talk a lot more than act and maybe I would do myself a world of good to give away a lot of clothes made for a body that I do not own anymore.

Anyone want to join me in the Couch to 5k? I will via email hold you accountable.


Lisa said...

I'm on week 4 of the Couch to 5k and love it so far. I'm not a runner but somehow manage to make it through. For the first time I'm actually looking at exercise as a lifestyle and not just a means to an end.

Pamela said...

I would totally jump on board with Couch to 5K if I had a treadmill. I live in Florida and girl, it's too hot to even get the mail....

I had my third son almost 17 months ago and I'm still fat. I was at my goal weight when I found out I was pregnant and like you, swore to lose the weight immediately upon clearance. But I didn't.

I started Yoga again last night to loosen things up. I need to hit this weight loss journey HARD but I'm so afraid to fail.

I know how to do this. It's all science right? Burn more calories than you consume. But it's SO HARD!

Jacqueline and Andy said...

I love the support I received from other moms on this issue. In some ways reality has been hard to come to terms with, and I have a tendency to fret about things that I don't have total control over (how to fit in all these babies, how to predict the future), so I end up wasting a lot of my energy up front. Then, just a couple days after writing that post I find out I'm pregnant!

The baby weight remains, but I do believe that we're all going to turn out just fine, in spite of it all. :)

I hope this last week was a good one for you. I'll be checking back tomorrow!!