Monday, July 19, 2010


Welcome Monday, get excited. Take a deep breathe. Ready or not just go.

It is time to suck it back up and get back on the wagon of weight loss. Yes, I have given myself a free pass for weeks to eat what I want and drink what I want. Seriously, I made it through one full year of parenthood and it was so good that I am getting to point where I think I may be ready to do it again. But, before we can discuss that I have a few pesky pounds to destroy.

My mid section is sporting a good inch of spare tire and it must exit the building. I need to firm up those legs, arms and butt. I need the motivation to return to my former self. I need to look in the mirror  and say "Hello LA welcome back, you have been missed".  So here goes nothing McFatty bandwagon. I am back and ready to rumble.

Here's to a week of getting my butt up EARLY and hitting the pavement. Me and my IPOD have a date and hopefully in a week you will hear me rant and rave about how I beat the heat and got in my run early.

I am holding each and everyone of you accountable to calling my butt out if I don't do it. So if you are reading this consider yourself warned, LA needs some accountability and you are expected to do it.  Please & thank you.


Megan said...

Early morning workouts are the only way to go - no way am I going after work and missing time with my baby. And my guess is after all day with a toddler you are wiped out too!
So we will be thinking of each other on our early am workouts!! I went today...

Laura said...

go girl:).

L said...

You can do it!!