Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A letter to myself as a new mom

Dear 10 months pregnant LA, 
Yes, everyone will tell you that the babe is easier in the oven rather than out. Don't worry about biting your tongue, they are wrong. Between the high blood pressure and the numb leg your body is revolting against the pregnancy and you will feel better with him out. Keep walking all the time, you will be so thankful.

Dear Day 1 Momma, 
Ask if you can have pain medication! Your nurse just forgot to tell you about the drugs and the IBProfin will not cut the pain. There is no reason for you to feel like you have been run over by a truck.
Please go to the bathroom, do not be afraid. Holding it for 12 hours will give you a worse set of issues. And ask about that water bottle, no it is not for after you go to the bathroom but during and I promise it will make your life much better when you figure out its true purpose.

Dear Month 1 Momma, 
Just breathe, things aren't good today and won't be for awhile just hug your baby and be thankful that he is perfect. Don't miss those precious moments with him when it just the two of you.  Keep standing up for yourself, he is your baby and the sooner the rest of the world gets it the smoother life will be.

Dear Month 2 Momma, 
You are doing awesome, no matter what others say. Your kid is advanced and the extra time you spend sleep training him and on tummy time will pay off. Keep it up, you got this.

Dear Month 3 Momma, 
Hug that baby all day if you want, he is about to stop wanting to cuddle with you.
Oh and don't put that IUD in, it will make you fat. And crazy. It's not worth it.  It will rob you of your happiness.

Dear Month 4 Momma, 
Don't think twice about starting food, the growth charts will thank you.

Dear Month 5 Momma,
Stop cleaning so much,  a little dust on the floor and dog hair never hurt anyone and you are about to make yourself crazy. Enjoy those 3 naps a day, you about to loose one.

Dear Month 6 Momma, 
Enjoy those last few moments of sitting, he is about to be on the move and your life will change overnight.

Dear Month 7 Momma, 
Spending hours alphabetizing the DVDs is a waste of time. Soon the babe will take great delight in pulling them all down and spreading them around the room.

Dear Month 8 Momma, 
Listen to your gut, the toe is fine there is no need to go to the emergency room. It will just cost you $500 and an entire day for a band aid.

Dear Month 9 Momma, 
Again, listen to your gut that bad mood means ear infection and he needs medication to be nicer. Baby proofing is more for the your sanity and then the protection of the babe he will figure out how to by- pass it quickly. 

Dear Month 10 Momma, 
Repeat after me. "The earlier you put him to bed the longer he will sleep."

Dear Month 11 Momma, 
You will actually feel like you having heart attack when you see and can't stop the babe from taking his first big fall.  Just remember life was never this good, never this sweet and didn't count as much as it does after the birth of the babe. Hold on to that, forget the rest. 

yours truly,
a wiser version of yourself.


Megan said...

That was just brilliant! And so true!

Angie@Dear Sydney said...

Perfect and so true! I'm only at the 6 month mark, so you've given me a glimpse into the future and a reminder to SLOW DOWN becuase I'll never get this time back. Well written!

~*Jess*~ said...

Aw love it. It's amazing the things we do/think as new moms. This was a great chronicle.

mommytojenna said...

love it! don't you wish you could relive some of those early mom moments knowing that your kid is fine?? this whole hindsight is 20/20 thing is crazy!

cathy said...

Love it!

Alexia said...

Just popped over from Hormonal Imbalances and I'm so glad I did! This is such a great post...gonna have to forward this to some expecting mothers in my life ; )