Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's start a revolution

Can us Mommas please take a moment and chill out? No seriously, can we please stop judging one another, spend more time worrying about our own kids and stop obsessing over what others do?

Mom Bitches please hush, no one cares what you think and your demeaning attitude is rude and makes people defensive. I am well aware that have read every parenting book on the market and feel that it is the word of God telling you how to raise a perfect child. I can assure you my child is not perfect in any one's eyes other than my own and I don't buy half the stuff out there. I could care less that you only breast fed, never gave your child food before 6 months and feel that it is unhealthy for a baby to sleep through the night. I am very proud of you for being the best mom you can be and will never judge you... so please refrain from judging me. I am doing my very best and I am OK with it.

On a daily basis, I read really rude comments on other people's blog posts. Like this adorable letter one blogger wrote to her mom. This blogger points out the worst of the mean comments and there are some really ugly comments. I have to say I agree with her. The meanness baffles me. Please calm down. I do not need the facts screamed at me. I read too, I also choose what I believe based on their medical degrees. And sometimes, I just don't care and do what I think is best.

I am, also, faced with these rude women in real life, like the day when someone told me my child was too skinny and if I was still breastfeeding him then he would weigh more. Really?? Do I know you? If I did, you would know I was living with my in-laws in a not happy place when my milk came in and then I moved 3 weeks later and had never felt more alone in my life. I was miserable and my milk was water. Guess what, he wasn't gaining weight then either so per doctor's request I supplemented and then I gave up. Will I breast fed my next child? Most likely. Will I do it longer if it works? Probably. Do I care at all if you do or don't? Nope. It's your body and your kid, not mine.

I really want to start a revolution of women that support regardless of views. Women who love other women for being the best mothers that they know how to be and not concern themselves with their choices. Cause you know what, motherhood is hard work. We need each other, especially other moms because we get it. We have been there.

I love myself some formula, hated how much it cost, loved making my own baby food, cloth diaper and spend every day trying to be the best mother I can. I love my kid with all my heart and try really hard to make sure my husband knows I love him more every day. I strive daily to be the best wife and mom I can. But you know what only I can define what that means.

So anyone want to join me on my quest to always be a supporter and never a hater?


~*Jess*~ said...

Moms (women) can be evil. And it's so sad that people think they are ENTITLED to have an opinion on people's lives.

And for the record: Ava was only breastfed--and you know what? She was the skinniest little nugget ever. So I don't know what that bf mom was talking about. I'm pretty sure -3% in weight isn't the result she was talking about.

Fight the haters! Much love to my LA :)

Nic said...

I totally agree with you! I'm not sure when how you raise your child became a status symbol, an if-you-don't-follow-the-trends-you-suck faux pas, but I wish it would change.

My kids ate out of a jar, drank powdered formula, and crap in disposable diapers. Guess what though? They're happy and healthy, what more could you ask for?

L said...

AMEN!!!! I could not agree with you more! Every child, mother, and family are different, what works for one might not work for another but everybody does what's right for THEM! People need to keep their opinions to themselves and as you said be supporters not haters. Motherhood is not easy and we don't need other people second guessing and critiquing everything we do (I do that enough on my own). Didn't anyone ever tell them "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

Angie@Dear Sydney said...

Couldn't agree more!!! My Dad always used to say that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones - and I believe that pretty much everyone lives in a glass house these days!

And it's so unfortunate that support doesn't get the same attention that friction does because I think sometimes people say things just for the attention. The world would be a better place for sure if everyone got on board with this kind of revolution. Great post!

Jennifer said...

I agree 100%. I actually wrote a post about mother judgment a while back. I think it is awful how some women tear others down just to feel better about themselves. So sad.

Leslie said...

Wow, that is some comment. For a moment, I’m speechless. Really, that is one example of one miserable momma. It’s always a good thing to cherish the little things that we encounter in mother no matter how good or bad.

We, moms know our own children and knows what could be best and settle with compromises if things are not possible to do.