Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A baby phish fan?

One of the Atlanta suburbs was invaded by the iconic band PHISH this holiday weekend. PHISH is one of those bands that has a following, Grateful Dead style. People that love them, L.O.V.E. them and will follow them around all over the country to see their shows time and time again. It is a totally foreign concept to me. The thought of spending my entire summer traveling with a band and paying for tickets every night, not to mention the travel expenses, makes my frugal heart literally skip a few beats. But, when they come to my backyard for a few days, I will certainly get a baby-sitter and have a date night with my love.

I have been going to shows like this since High School. I love this type of music, however I tend to stand out. Most likely the pearl earrings that I typically wear, but I don't care. The people watching is as much entertainment as the music and this time I saw this world in a new light.

As we walked in I saw 2 very pregnant women and one had even painted their belly with future phish fan. OK not going to judge I went to Dave and Kenny at the same outdoor venue literally weeks before baby boy entered the world. But as I walk through the crowd to get a drink I see kids everywhere, like babies in Ergos and toddlers running around. Most sporting tie dye and thankfully all of them had ear plugs in.

Personally, I am not taking baby boy to a concert like that anytime soon and maybe ever. To me half the enjoyment is the babysitter and some alone time with my hubby.

I am not judging parents that do it by any means and I commend all of them for thinking to put ear plugs in their little ears, something that if I am being honest would not have thought to do. But, really am I weird to look at those kids running around while their parents dance to the music and think oh hell no?


cathy said...

I'm with you!!!

Allison and Ben Brandt said...

I was there! Can't believe we didn't run into each other...well may I was packed. I saw that lady with the phish emblem on her belly. cracked me up!

Captain Cleavage said...

There was a Beatles in the park concert 2 months after Penny was born that we went to. she stayed home with grandma. a lot of people asked us since our daughter is named after a Beatles song (her full name is Penelope Laine i.e. Penny Laine)why we didn't bring her...
my response...because it was date night, Because she was only two months old...and well just because! lol

Sippy Cup Mom said...

LOL, I'm a big Phish fan and I know what you mean, I've seen the babies and toddlers and I would never bring my little guy there!

It was the same at the last Jimmy Buffett concert I went to!

~*Jess*~ said...

For mother's day last year I realllly wanted to see three of my fave singers: Jack's Mannequin, Erin McCarley, and ....I forgot who else.

Anyway they were all playing at an outdoor venue here in Austin. I thought it would be a bright idea for the three of us to go. It'd be fine my friends assured me. So we went. And Ava was the only kid there, well short of the tweens. Needless to say, we left. Me sad, her disappointed and it was not good. But....maybe a park festival type concert? I'd totally do that.

I can't wait to take her to her first John Mayer concert ;-)