Friday, December 4, 2009

And daddy got the pic...

thanks to daddy and his iphone here is the tuckered out prince after he yelled at Mom for a few hrs.

Can't wait until I like running again....

Dear running shoes-

Our days together are numbered as you hurt my feet now.  As if these boats called feet weren't big enough to begin with they had to grow half a size while we were baking EJ.
Our first date ended with a heavy chest, sore legs and arms (thanks to pushing EJ) and blisters on my toes. My only motivation to keep running was the spare tire that you were supporting. 

Our time together was great but I'm trading you in for a bigger model.


Isn't pregnancy fun?

Seriously... growing

We must be having a growth spurt or two or three. To sum up the last few days have revolved around eating, the I will suck every drop out of this bottle even if it means I getting mostly air type of eating, sleeping and then screaming frustrations out at mom, toys and my new favorite the dogs.

Yesterday's marathon of unconsolable screaming of 3 hrs ended with the most hyterical "picture" ever. Sadly mom was way too worn and stressed out to dig the camera out to actually take the picture. Imagine a red faced EJ sound asleep, holding the pacifer to his mouth with his teething ring/rattle placed IN THE MIDDLE of his face.  Of course he promptly straightened up to his flirty self to show off to his grandparents at dinner out. I can't decide if I am happy he behaved in public or mad that he saves his out bursts to moments at home when mom needs to clean.

Monday, November 30, 2009

5 months old!

Can you believe it? EJ is 22 weeks and officially 5 months old. Its amazing how big is getting.

Some of things he is doing now are...

Almost conquered sitting up
scooting and trying very hard to crawl
we eat an array of goodies twice a day with sweet potatoes being our favorite
he loves to jump in the jumperoo
and teeth, we are teething like crazy but none have broken through just yet.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Officially Members at Peachtree Pres.

Today Craig and I made it official and joined peachtree presbyterian. Its part of the same group of churches as the church I grew up and all of Craig's family are members there. We both felt that with this new chapter in our lives that it was important that we start going to church again. So we did and little EJ was amazing and slept the whole time. I plan to take him to the nursery so he can make some friends but we wanted to show him off today. Check out the little man in his adorable church outfit. Dad thinks he looks like a fairy but us Southerns know that he looks adorable!

And Momma is raising a southern boy and hopefully his blood runs orange!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Already such a boy

Chair that vibrates... Check. A great football game... Check. Drink... Check. A dream afternoon.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let the teething begin...

My poor little man has been waterworks for the last month, we have to leave a bib on him all the time and we change clothes constantly because he soaks through them both. I knew stuff must have been moving around because you chewed on everything. But today I felt the first tooth when you chewed on my hand. Ouch... I cant imagine what it feels like for you little guy. So I broke out the mesh food holder and froze some bananas and as the pictures show you throughly enjoyed it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our little heart breaker

Doesn't he just break your heart?? I could steal kisses from those cheeks all day long!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The mystery of the BLUE poop... SOLVED!

I have been pretty stuck on making my own baby food since I found I was pregnant, every mom has that one thing that they are weird about and food seems to be mine. I want to teach good eating habits and give him the best food possible for his adorable little body. As I started introducing foods I have been very good about doing only one thing new a day and watching for any signs of allergies etc. The very first fruit/veggie I gave was a banana all smashed up and he loved it. But after a few days of stringy banana spit up I decided that I might stuff it up and give him gerber bananas and they didnt turn brown in a few minutes another mom gross issue. Well not thinking they would be any different from the other bananas I just gave it to him and went on my merry way until the blue poop surfaced. It only took a few days of me just thinking what might have been the issue until I that little voice in my head said the Gerber baby food. Sure enough 24 hrs after the last meal with Gerber bananas and we have normal poop again. So lesson for mom is there may be a reason why you were always weird about baby food. Who knows but lesson for me is listen to your instincts.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The mystery of the BLUE poop...

Yes, EJ has grey blue poop. Can you believe it, trust me when I saw it the first time I was shocked and totally grossed out and very worried. So what does any mom do??? Grab the diaper put in a plastic bag and run to the doctor. And guess what the dr laughed and asked if he might have eaten a crayon... nope no crayons here. And then she checked for blood, none THANK GOD and then she laughed again. And I quote if he was not so happy and in such a great mood I might be concerned but he appears healthy lets give it a few days and see what happens. Cause guess what she has never seen poop that color. Great ej just great.

And the dr told me he was too skinny, actually needs to be about 3 lbs heavier so ej got the best news of his life. Rice cereal every 3 hrs when awake, I swear he's already heavier. I maintain he just inherited his uncles and cousins crazy absurd metabolism. Regardless he's loving the drs orders!

Monkey Business!!

Craig loves halloween, and well I kinda don't. The whole idea of dressing up in some silly costume and parading around town is not overly appealing to me at all. BUT my sweet husband loves it alot so for him I am all over it. I decked the house out in halloween goods and next yr will even plan a family costume with him. I promise but this year we ended up with an adorable little monkey. Costumes didn't really fit our love bug cause he is just so long and so skinny!! But momma found one that fit and he was soo cute!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bath time!

EJ's favorite part of the day is his bath. I think we may have a swimmer on our hands because he kicks, has already figured out how to float and loves to dunk himself. I can't wait to start him in swimming lessons this spring. I guess he loves the water as much as his momma!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Every Mom needs a Happy Hour

Lately, I have found myself looking at all the many blogs out there centered around pregnancy, mothers and children. It really is quite fun to read the life and tribulations of others in our same shoes. I love how many women share their craziness and then there are the others who think they have actually received a medical degree because they have read every child rearing book out there and determined what is the best medical way to raise children. These women are crazy (I am sorry if you feel that I am offending you but I promise I am not calling anyone out). I have heard over and over the new age reasoning on why we should do certain things or abstain from certain things. And let me tell you if you do something on their No No list you are going to be damaging your child forever.


Calm down and listen to your instincts drop the books in the trash and don't worry so much. Child rearing is static what works today in 10 yrs will be the worst thing you could ever do to your child and what is terrible parenting today will be amazing.

Every mom needs a happy hour, grab a glass of wine let dear old dad take the reins for a few hrs and do something that makes you sane again. And, I promise despite what your firmly believe Dad is not going to break or kill the baby. God gives us dads to do the things moms are afraid to do. Like make them stand at 4 months or let the dog kiss them.

A relaxed, revived women is a better wife and mother and really that is what all strive to be isn't it?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rice Cereal

It's time to slowly start checking out food! EJ has been eating rice cereal in his evening bottle for some time now but here are some adorable pics of him tasting it with a spoon. Yes, little man one day we will shows these pics to your girlfriends!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our shutterfly page is now PRIVATE.

If I have not already added you as member please email me or leave me a message on this post to add you. We put every pic we take of the little man on there, yes he is our first born we have already taken a little over 500. But you can watch him grow month to month and its so great.

We made it private for security purposes so let me know if you aren't a member and I will gladly add you.

The Holman Happenings

I love my bottle!

After weeks of trying EJ finally mastered hold his bottle yesterday. We had been working on it for a few weeks propping it up on his Boppy, yet another reason that is such an amazing gadget. Thanks mom for insisting I get it! But, yesterday he finally just held it all on his own. Of course today he wasnt really into holding it and kept dropping it and yelling but we are well on our way to being able to handle it all on our own! And I will be so glad, I love our quiet bottle time at night but sometime I need those 20 mins during the day when he can entertain himself to do household things. Wow what a cutie!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rainy days...

Its been raining a ton lately in Atlanta, no worries the Holmans are fine we live on top of a very big hill. Sadly we spring a leak in one of the sky lights but we are very thankful that is all that has happened. So many people's homes flooded so we really can't complain too much . But the rain hasn't inspired me to leave too much so EJ and I have been hanging at home the last week. Here are some recent shots of our adorable little man!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bradley & I

One of my oldest and greatest friends came into town this week to enjoy a great night with her husband. AND we got to watch Bradley who is exactly 5 weeks younger than EJ. It was so fun to enjoy a short visit and get our boys together.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


EJ has been testing out his jumperoo, however he seems to think it might be a good...


Isn't he just too cute though! If you want to eat it go ahead!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yay for fall!!

Our first taste of fall happened yesterday and EJ loved it!

Not too impressed with the hood on his head.

Slept for TWO hrs in the swing on the patio! Best nap all week!
And then chilled for another 30 minutes, Mom got ALL of Dads ironing done, it was quite of lot of clothes. THANK GOODNESS for pretty days!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The new nursery....

We bought EJ a signed Kenny poster since he went to the concert when Mom was 9 months prego and appeared to love it from all he kicking and bouncing!

Yes, these are window seats and the best part, they are storage to house all those toys we are bound to get.
EJ loves his bed especially the brightly colored elephants on his bumper.

These are pics of EJ and all his family... and out first family photo... Mom and Dad checking into the hospital before he was born.

I sure do love my daddy!

EJ decided Mom was taking too long to start the bedtime routine so he slept on daddy's lap!