Monday, July 12, 2010

Learning the Art of Attitude

From Drop Box
The Reel Baby is hysterical. A flip switched about a month ago and his little personality started to show. As he started to understand that he could communicate with us the attitude grew and grew. He learned that he could roll on the floor, stomp his feet and scream "Momma" when things didn't go his way. He learned that he could ignore you if he was mad. He learned that "NO" meant to hurry up and run from Momma.
From Drop Box
Momma learned the art of "timeout" and a smack on the top of the hand.
From Drop Box
He's awfully cute even when his attitude is far larger than his 20lb body. I am guessing we are in for it, if at the mere age of 1 he can already let us know what he thinks about our rules.
From Drop Box


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