Friday, May 29, 2009

The Holman Family est. 04.05.09

Our wedding day started off perfect, not a cloud in the sky, the sun was out and warm... it was beautiful. By mid-afternoon as with many beach days the clouds had rolled in and the wind had picked up. But, nothing would make me sad on what was the start of the best journey of my life, the day I became Mrs. Holman was able to call Craig my husband. Our relationship thus far had been a whirlwind, we jumped in with both feet but I always had this feeling that this Yankee was it for me. Little EJ nudged us along but our marriage was destined to happen regardless and we are so excited to start our family. He is an amazing man who I love more than I ever thought possible and look forward to 100 years going through life together.

Here is the link to our slideshow, turn up the volume the music is great.

Lee Anne & Craig

Thursday, May 28, 2009

36 weeks... We made it Ful Term

Wow, its here... we made it full term and boy do I feel like I am very pregnant. I don't sleep, I can't get comfortable and my stomach hurts all the time. I feel that women must forget the miserable life you gain the last month, I am sure I will have "mommy memory" the minute I see his face but let me go on the record this is not fun at all.

I love the doctor response to my asking if its normal to feel this way and she kindly explained what my body was doing right now, the most memorable was the fact that my pelvis is pulling apart... AWESOME. Men really do have it easy, I will never discredit my mother on mother's day or my birthday again. Nothing like pregnancy to really appreciate what your mom went through to give you life.

Other than that all is well with the Holman clan, Craig is plugging away at work and getting very excited about his Bonaroo vacation next week. I have to say I am a little jealous of his long weekend listening to music and hanging out. We had such an amazing time last year. But, I am looking forward to a week with my mom doing nothing but watching movies and having girl time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Updated Nursery

Here's the new rug Mom and I found . It ties in the 2 shades of blue we are using and pretty cute too. Dad's first purchases for EJ were the 2 jerseys displayed. In the right is also a taste of some of the many clothes we are collecting for our sweet boy. I personally can not wait to dress him! And the awesome baby bouncer that Grandma Milner got us. It folds so we can take it everywhere and very cute too. I am such a Mcclaren Baby addict.

Here's the close up of the elephants on the bumper. All is left is the red embroidered to border each elephant, I plan to tackle it this weekend.

Thanks Genie and TL for the great mobile, look it how great it looks over the crib!!
This elephant has totally freaked Bruno out he stands in the doorway of the nursery, we have a scat mat placed in the doorway to train the puppies to stay out of the nursery, and barks his head off at the elephant. Its so funny!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

This memorial day, Craig and I got up early, packed the car for the day and headed to the North GA Mts for a day of fishing. Well, more accurately Craig fished and I sat on the bank in a chair with a good book, something to drink and a camera taking pictures of my sexy husband fish the lower portion of the Tick. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze. Here are some pics of day spent in a corn field.

It was so fun to just be outside together, thankfully Aunt Lee Lee helped her dying sister come up with some additional preggo friendly drugs to help my allergies. I got a taste of the sleepless nights to come on Friday and Saturday nights when I literally slept a grand total of 4 hrs because of all the congestion stuck in my head. Thank the Lord for nose spray, crack for someone in major allergy pain!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Its been too long!

Sorry for the delay in posting... I will post a much more interesting post complete with up to date nursery photos in the next day or so.

But a A HUGE THANK YOU to Aunt Stephanie and Grandma Holman for a truly fantastic baby shower, with all the other things on my plate the last few months it was so nice to not even have to think about the shower. It was beautiful and so perfect! Not to mention the 25+ people that gave gifts. Whether you could make it or not and I know a lot of you were busy... wedding season is in full force, so many took the time to shower baby EJ with love.

I promise to post pics soon, I should have taken a picture of our dining room table that exploded baby for days. But, everything is finally up and I even got the curtains finished yesterday. Contractions have stopped the last few days, this taking it easy really worked... I will say that I am dying from the pollen that has gotten stirred up with Atlanta's windy days and I am about ready to get my labor on, get my drugs back and meet this little boy.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, don't forget in all the laking and boozing to take a minute and thank all the men and women who are being remembered this weekend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Baby Shower Gift

Thanks to Great Granddaddy and GG Pate, little EJ will have car seat to come home in from the hospital. And a stroller to walk with Mom and Dad as we both work hard to get off our baby weight later this summer. Thank you so much for blessing us with this great gift. One less thing for this overly stressed Mom to worry about. Plus, I love the colors and the fact if EJ makes a mess I can hose the whole thing off!

We know you were worried about the weight of the stroller but we promise its so much better than a lot of the other things out there.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

34 week Appointment

Today was big at the Doctor, for the last 5 days I have been having what I suspected were mild contractions whenever I moved around. When I say move around, I mean move in any capacity that is bigger than walking around the house. I went to the mall on Friday to window shop and ended up confined to a bench outside of Sur La Table for an hour. So needless to say I was a looking forward to getting some medical advice on what in the world was going on with our little man.

After a very shocked doctor discovered that I gained one lb and 5 cm in my stomach, I found myself sitting on the table getting an impromptu ultrasound. Thank goodness, everything looked great! Our little man is quite a bit ahead of schedule with a weight of nearly 6 lbs. BUT the biggest shock came when the dr took me off exercise and told me to try gain just a bit more weight AND that this baby was going to be early. Little EJ will be a June baby so everyone say a little prayer for my sanity, I need to keep him put for a few more weeks so I have to watch it and I am already getting cabin fever and not too excited about this development. This overly independent gal is not looking forward to sitting around for few weeks. I get next week off from the doctor and then its a weekly visit every week until D-day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A very lucky lady!

Have I told you guys that I married an amazing man?? Well, I did. And he out did himself yesterday making his very pregnant wife feel very special on her first Mother's day. My overly weepy self spent most of the weekend in mild freakouts because I have started having contractions in the evenings and Craig handled it so well. He helped me nest and get the house together and then he let me go to brunch with some girlfriends. I came home to roses,a beautiful card and a Kindle!! and we just spent the day together doing nothing and enjoying each other. I can't wait to start to feel good again and we can travel and fish together again. Boy do I miss our weekends outside and can't wait to take little EJ camping and fishing. Until then I will be reading my new toy and trying to not act as crazy as I feel. Craig ,I love you and am so thankful that you are my husband!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The trends of having a bump!

While talking to a friend this weekend about all the millions of things that a baby needs, as you might suspect I was having another mild freak out about all the items I will need to not only acquire but then find a place in our quaint home to store, I heard the best statement! 
"There are way too many entrepreneurs out there capitalizing on the trend of baby bumps." And you know what she is so right, there are tons of gadgets and goodies that people are swearing by and loads of us new moms who are rather gullible and buying them all by the truck loads. 

How did we ever survive??? I know my mom did not even think about a need for this item... 
As seen on The Today Show.... THE TUMMY TUB
The baby bath tub that is suppose to mimic the womb... I think that EJ might freak out if I put him this? Not to mention the many pictures of me taking a bath in an oversized mixing bowl, isn't that the same thing. Wow Mom sure missed out on a way to make us all very rich?!?!?

At 7 months and 5 days he is already unhappily squashed. I know this because he has decided that his butt is best positioned all the way up my rib cage and if I slump over at all he flutter kicks me until I sit up straight. There will be no swaddling this baby, he is happiest with his legs spread and it appears from both ultra-sounds one hand in his mouth and one hand over his groin. There is no doubt he will be just like his Daddy and that makes me really happy! 

Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet the Big Brothers

Aren't I cute? Now give me a dog treat or I will bark at you!

My name is Bruno and I sleep ALL the time!

EJ is lucky enough to enter this world with 2 big brothers to torment and play with. Samson and Bruno, as you can tell, provide us with daily entertainment.

Samson is a pound puppy Craig got a few years ago. He is a doberman and lab mix we suspect however you would never know. His sense of smell is a little off and guard dog he is not, instead he is slightly afraid of everything. Samson loves to beg for treats, lay on anything with a cushion, and eat everything... this includes and is not limited to his dog food, rocks, sticks and any toy his parents are dumb enough to get him. Needless to say, we will always have pet insurance on our little goat, its only a matter of time before we end in emergency surgery extracting some foreign object that he has ingested.

Bruno is a puggle puppy who originally came to us to be sold with his litter of puppies from my parents puggles. His mother Cooper was my dog pre-Craig but they never quite accepted each other and Cooper decided that she really liked her grandmother better and refuses to live in Atlanta with us. Bruno was our favorite puppy in the group and when he didn't sell right away we decided that he was too good of friends with Sammy to leave. Bruno is the laziest dog you will ever meet, he prefers to sleep and the only activity he likes more is eating. Currently, he is digging holes all over the back yard and giving Sampson the business when he has gotten a full 20 hrs of rest.

Neither dog has mastered the idea of being a guard dog but we hope at some point one of them will learn to bark at strangers instead of only when they are playing, wanting food or to be let out of the crate.