Friday, July 9, 2010

Mom Fail

Let's discuss the Reel Baby for a minute. First, he is not interested in being Momma's baby boy. Second, he is fearless, which is probably why he walked at 9 months. Third, we may have a pyromaniac on our hands.

What does every parent do at their child's first birthday party? Strip the babe down to their diaper, get out the camera, gather the guests and get ready to sing "Happy Birthday", right? My child is spoiled lucky and had quite an audience to watch this momentous moment. And what does he do?

Stare down the flame with passion and go right for it. I grabbed his hands, batted them away as best I could. I was an utter failure because before the song was done he had put out the flame with his palm. Thankfully, it didn't even leave a mark and I honestly don't think he would have even cried but since all 20 guests screamed and the grandmothers lost their cool. Well, he sobbed and then promptly got over it when he realized that he got to eat the whole cake.

Mom leave me alone I am fine and your attempts at icing my hand just piss me off.
So when you think the worse thing to happen at the First Birthday is needing to hose off the chair and baby because they are covered in crumbs and icing; keep dreaming up scenarios. Kids keep you on your toes and watch out or you will feel like biggest mom failure around. Trust me. 

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~*Jess*~ said...

You're totally not a bad mom! Honestly caught in the moment I wouldn't have even thought about it either.

Ave didn't even have all the festivities. Just a cupcake I made her, another couple and us.