Monday, December 5, 2011

A photo dump

Because these photos are just too darn cute not to share...
Oh the eyes on my two boys. They make me swoon. 
I love this photo. So their personalities. EJ cutting up and Jack just chillin. 
I love how Jack is like "really Bro what are doing?"

He will hate me one day for taking this picture. Warning little boy if Momma doesn't approve of a girl you bring home rest assured this picture will be brought out in hopes that your too embarrassed to ever call her again.

He got a big boy hair cut it makes me sad. He looks so old and sort of like dennis the menace ironically he acts like him too! 
This little boy is soooo happy.all.the.time. Well unless he's hungry but who came blame him. 
He is also growing up way too fast! 
Bruno and EJ are trouble all the time and always together. Its rather adorable. 

See the face. DENNIS THE MENACE I tell ya. 
They love each other. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Holidays

Oh how I love the holiday season. It is the only time in the year I am willing to tolerate cold weather. There is just something magical about pumpkins, fires and christmas trees. I have wonderful memories of childhood christmas pasts. One's filled with all my family, rooms full of people and laughter. Great times with cousins and siblings.

As I have moved past the childhood stage and into the adult stage of the holidays I see the stress. I see how easily the true meaning of the holidays can get lost in the shuffle. I have found myself trying to recreate the holidays of the past. I yearn to give my children similar memories. I so desperately want them to feel the love and magic that holidays can be. However, while cooking my first family thanksgiving this year it occurred to me that those are my memories, my childhood. The boys are making their own memories. These are the memories that they will hopefully look back on with love as the grow older and form families of their own.

We have worked hard to make our family our own. To set boundaries that works for us because this family that we made now is the most important. So as I go through this season and the years to come I am going to focus less on what I have always done and more on what is best for the boys. We may not have the family filled crazed celebrations but that does not mean that they won't be just as memorable. Hosting Thanksgiving was truly wonderful moment. There was no loading up the car and driving into the wee hours of the morning. No shuffling through luggage, and running from house to house. Both of us commented on how much we loved having everyone over. It was a perfect thanksgiving and I hope in the years to come their are many more just like it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who are these big boys?

I mean seriously, when did these children get so big. A little brother bonding time watching Thomas while Momma folded laundry. I sure do love these little guys! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween is quite frankly one of my least favorite holidays. I have no idea why. I am just not such a huge fan of it. Craig says its because I am no fun and do not like dressing up but whatever the reason it's not really my thing. Craig loves it so I generally decorate and attempt to be a good supportive wife and enjoy the holiday for him. This year, however, our house is covered in a layer of dust with a daily dose of construction workers so I decided it was not worth the effort. I am going to have to go all out next year to make-up for it I am sure.

After a bit of a debate we decided to take EJ trick or treating. Honestly, it was somewhat of a fail. He didn't really understand the concept, ran into a number of the houses as soon as the door was open and tried to eat the candy the minute they handed it to him. Tantrums ensued and we bailed early on the whole thing.  But, it was fun to dress both boys up and I am sure we have many years of many hours of trick or treating ahead of us.

Without further ado I present to you ...

Our Resident Dinosaur
& Our Baby Bear
Here's our failed attempts at a group photo. We are in the depths of the refusing to look at the camera and smile phase of toddlerhood.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Advice and Crazy Moms

A friend posted this article on the book today and I found it so interesting. 
Among discussing the ridiculous rivalry that exists in within the realm of Motherhood today it also had her advice for new moms. Honestly, I wish I had read this before EJ was born it may not have made a difference but it really is some of the best advice. There is nothing as wonderful or crazy as motherhood, nothing. But, with all things there is a learning curve. The person you become when you are under extreme sleep depravation is unrecognizable. The emotions are all over the place and not taking time for yourself will result in one insane momma, trust me I know. I learned the hard way. Take a moment and read it. It's a good read for sure. 
What are the most important pieces of advice that you can offer to new moms?
JZ: Here are some healthful tid bits for women to savor as they embark on motherhood. Trust yourself. Rely on others.  Ask for help. Seek support. Connect with loved ones. Take time for yourself. Expect to feel amazing, awful, and everything in between. Throw perfection out the window!
Be present. Get professional guidance if you feel you want/need it.  Read books about parenting if you find them helpful but ultimately be sure to integrate their wisdom with your own mothering methods. Respect your body and the postpartum journey. Curb unrealistic expectations. Be the role model you always dreamed of having.  Be wholeheartedly honest with yourself. Experience whatever it is you are experiencing. Denying feelings does not make them go away.  Feelings are feelings not facts. Change is possible. Communication is key. Depression and anxiety do not go away on their own.
Rest when you can.  Honor your emotional temperature.  Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about being you.  It’s never too late to revisit your childhood experiences – doing so will benefit and enliven the family you’ve created. Don’t take little people’s behaviors personally.  Newborns/infants do not manipulate.  Treat yourself like a queen when you can (whatever that means to you).  As soon as you feel you finally “figured it out”, “it” will change.  Be flexible.  LAUGH. Address burning feelings. Whatever you are feeling, other mothers have felt.  You are not alone.  No feeling is off limits. (New) motherhood is ubiquitously overwhelming.  Sleep deprivation can make you meet a version of yourself you never wanted to know. There is not one way to give birth, feed, sleep, or raise your child. Do what feels resonant for you and your baby, not what is trendy.  Plan and then roll with what arises. Play and enjoy the ever-changing ride!
Jessica Zucker is a psychologist in Los Angeles specializing in women’s health with a focus on transitions in motherhood, perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, and early parent-child attachment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The boys

Watching the bond form between the two boys may be my favorite aspect of having another child. Jack loves to watch EJ and much like his brother he is in a big ol hurry to grow up. At 11 weeks old he tries to sit up and quite frankly is better at exercising his core than I am. He wants to roll over so bad and boy does he get mad when he gets stuck on his side. EJ is dying for him to play with him and requests that Jack "sit" with him about a million times a day.

 I have a feeling I am going to get lots of this look from both them in the coming years. 

 Inside joke 

Jack siting in his chair at the toddler table. EJ can't wait for them to eat lunch together.   

EJ loves to kiss his brother. I am going to remind him of this when they get in to fights in the coming years. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Life as we know it.

I have spent the last 11 and 1/2 weeks figuring out what our new normal is.
It's funny with the first baby the whole world stops while you run in circles like a chicken with its head cut off trying to figure this whole parent thing out. I will never forget the panic that in sued the first night EJ woke up at 3am screaming and yes that was at 3 days old. He kindly waited until after we left the hospital to start the night wake-ups. Craig and I both jumped up and nearly ran smack into each other. EJ was a screamer so within seconds my mom was knocking at the door asking if we needed help. It's comical to think about it now.
Everything was a mess then, some had nothing to do with the new baby just life stuff and other messes were all baby related. It took awhile to get our groove, our confidence and it took me a while to fall in love with this awesome gift of motherhood.
This time, well, he just fit right in. It was like we had been waiting on him. Everything has been easier and better. Sometimes the mom guilt sets in as I realize that I am enjoying Jack's early days in way that I did not with EJ. But, I think that is normal. Everyone should have their second baby first, its so much better the second time around.
I love having both my boys and its funny how not stressed I am when they both melt down or things just aren't going my way. I just keep plugging away. If Jack has to cry for a minute while I deal with EJ or vice versa it is ok. And quite frankly it's life. Sometimes we have to wait a minute whether we want to or not.
Jack is an incredible baby, he sleeps, eats and smiles. He loves to cuddle in the morning as he eats and quite frankly I enjoy it most mornings even if its still dark outside.
EJ is at such a fun and hard stage. It's so fun getting to see his personality and getting to talk to him but he is one strong willed little boy. He wants things his way and will often choose punishment over stopping. It is a daily process in patience on my part and trying to figure out what is going through his head. I just repeat to myself my grandmother's wise words "children are born heathens and its our job to teach them how to be responsible little people". As his Momma it is my job to help mold him into the man he is meant to be and that is a great honor and big job but one I am happy to have.
Kids change you completely. Today, I think twice about everything from my behavior to the food I put in my mouth. I have 4 little eyes watching my every move and I better teach them well. Because really they learn a lot by our actions not our just words.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where have we been AKA iPhone Photo Dump

A hurt foot, a nursing baby and an energetic toddler can keep you pretty busy. Throw in home renovations and a few trips into the mix and you have one crazy hectic few weeks.

It's full on baby leg season and I love it!

Such a smiley child!

It's a BABY party. Jack and I made a short trip up to Knoxville to meet two of my very best friends little additions. It was such a fun night. I hope these boys grow up to be buds.

While in Knoxville, we all went out to dinner. This was our view in the elevator.

EJ got to spend a week at the farm with my parents while Jack and I got a some good one on one time. It was so nice to spend some time giving him all the attention :)

Someone got a cold thanks to many kisses from his big bro so we spent a few afternoons like this. All propped up and snug.

Look at how long this child is! I am guessing he is going to give his uncles a run for their money in the height department.

Big bro is teaching little bro all about butterflies!

Renovations in progress!

THIS is a sign near my parents. Seriously only in Tennessee.

Boys ready for some quality time at the pumpkin patch!

Because I am crazy apparently, I also decided to ditch the pull-ups.

Such a good little road tripper!

6 hours later windows rolled down and shirt is off!

Pretty sure this kid most favorite place on earth is at his grandparents farm.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

My little boys... oh how they love each other already. 

Stay tuned update to come its been a whirlwind of a few weeks with renovations starting, a trip to Memphis and Momma injuring her foot, well feet, badly. I am off to the dr again today so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No doubt

EJ at 2 months

Jack at 3 weeks

These boys are certainly brothers. And no I did not pose either one of them. In fact, we catch them both sleeping in that exact pose rather often.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Momma's army

This child absolutely loves his brother. It is unreal to me that a person who is all of 2 years old can grasp the concept of how lucky he is to have a brother. If Jack cries he is the first on the scene. He is the paci police always near to place back in his mouth :: and take it off his hands if spits it back out:: He wants to "hold" and "carry"" Jack all the time. And insists on pushing with Momma's help his stroller. He is already protecting and loving him with such wild abandonment I can't help but be anything less than proud.

It's no secret I was on Team Pink at the beginning of this pregnancy. Honestly, my entire life I had wanted 3 or 4 kids until this past pregnancy. Once I entered into my third week of all day sickness with an 18 month old, I changed my tune. By the time I was admitted to the hospital with an acute kidney infection from severe dehydration as a result of all the throwing up I was all but begging God to bless us with pink so that I could send Craig straight to the urologist. I was so done with this making and baking a baby thing. But as usual God had other plans and as usual I was pissed... at first.

But, now I look at both my baby boys and think I not only can I not imagine not having at least one more. I am so thankful that these two boys have each other. At 25 months apart they will have many similar interests and it is my hope that they will grow up not just fighting but also loving each other. They have a built-in best friend. So in the words of a wise older women when I confessed that we were having another boy... "right now I am building my army" and eventually we will have princess for Daddy.

And it is really such an honor to be these little boys' Momma. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

What we have been up to...

There has been lots of sleeping from this little guy

And lots of eating

Some home improvements
New paint, new furniture arrangement

Does this pose look familiar? Must be genetic... my kids, they like to chill.

This little no BIG boy has been hilarious.
Please note the cap and stool... the rest of us were in seats. He claimed it and drug it over.

More home improvements. See ya later ugly wallpaper.
HELLO red walls underneath. It takes 2 coats of primer to cover that mess.

They love each other already. Best Friends in the making.