The Reel Family

Who are the Reel's... really?
Well for starters, that's not our last name just me being cute and attempting to give us a bit of anonymity on the world wide web. It's a big place y'all and unfortunately there are some weirdos out there.

My world changed in an instant when a very sick little lady powered through her cold, got all dolled up and went to a New Year's Eve party in 2007. Within 20 minutes of walking through the door, I met the Reel Daddy and we never looked back. Together over our love for wine, food, music, a rod and a reel we fell madly in love.

Before we knew it life laughed at our carefully laid plans for exotic engagements, big weddings and traveling the world with two pink lines. I learned that birth control isn't fool proof, that a 3 month pill will trick into missing a third of your pregnancy and that if you willing to do the leg work you can plan a great wedding in 6 weeks down to a custom dress. All you need is strong work ethic and check book. We learned to laugh at the good, the bad and the ugly and let me tell you baking a baby can get real ugly. But we survived and I love him more every day for it.

On June 29, 2009 our family began with the birth of the best surprise in the world, a perfect baby boy. Our life is not perfect, but it is ours and we try every to day to make perfect for us.

I tend to overshare, my life is an open book. I can throw a pretty amazing party on a budget and I love to cook. I try to stay focused on the good in life and will call you out if you make mad. I write to remind myself that I am actually an adult and even if I listen to Elmo all morning I can string a few intelligent words together to make a sentence and this where I do it.

I love meeting new people and have made a number of friends through this little world of blogs. I enjoy comments, both the good and the bad. You can always email me at LeeAnneHolman ::at:: gmail dot com just please don't borrow my words or pictures without talking to me about it first.