Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Becoming Mom

A year ago today at 3:05pm a precious and handsome baby boy was welcomed into the world.
In that moment a baby took his first breathe of life. In that moment, I became Mom.

Before becoming Mom
I never knew that your heart really could live outside your body.
I never knew that watching your child hurt would actually be gut-wrenching.
I never knew true exhaustion and even through the midst of those moments a simple cry could inspire me to run to his side.
I never knew that a smell could make my heart smile and make me yearn to bottle it up so I could smell him this way forever.
I never knew the pride of watching your child roll over, sit-up, crawl and walk for the first time.
I never knew how entertaining a child could be or how I would lasso the moon to make his life better.
I never that I would love something so much that it literally burst from my soul.
This last year I learned something new every day and, today, I can look at him and with pride know that I am his Mother, I am Mom.

The love I felt for him that day has grown as he has taught me true selfless love. I fall more in love with him and his Daddy every day because together they have taught me that I am Mom.  I may have given him life but he daily gives life back to me.

Happy First Birthday my angel, my love. Your Mommy & Daddy could not love you more.


Laura said...

so sweet:). hope he likes his cake!

Captain Cleavage said...

Awwww Happy Birthday!!!