Friday, June 25, 2010


I missed a day this week. I completely missed Thursday which means I missed the garbage man among other things. So not only am I totally confused that it is Friday, we have a smelly trash can that will no doubt be over-flowing by next week's collection.  At least we switched to cloth diapers, 2 weeks of dirty diapers will make you gag, promise.

I guess that is what happens when you beat the heat by staying in the house for 2 days in a row and spend hours editing the most amazing birthday video ever. I can not believe my angel is a few short days from being a year.

Today, I pack up the bottles... we have been over them for a few weeks but its official he will.not.use them anymore. He's very busy growing up and I all I want him to do is slow down but then I realize that I am just proud of him. We are a few days shy of a year and he's already mastered walking, has a vocabulary of 5 words and is just growing into the most amazing young man. I could be more proud of him and am so thankful that God choose me to be his Momma.  Look at those baby blues...
His grandma bought him a birthday crown and he loves it. I have a feeling we will be wearing it for a few weeks. Have you ever lost day? It totally confuses you doesn't it??

Anyone want to tell me what program these use to put watermarks on their pics? I can't seem to figure how to do it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Angie@DearSydney said...

What a cutie! I want time to slow down for us too - 6 months has flown by. And yes, I lose days quite frequently! In fact, I just mentioned to my husband that during the week, it seems like I never know what day it is, but I always know it's a weekend by the fact that he's there all day :)

I use photoshop for my watermark - I created a brush and just stamp each image and save it to a special blog photos folder on my computer. Hope that helps and have a great weekend.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I don't know what's cuter...the crown or the fluffy butt!

Captain Cleavage said...

I lose days all the time for the exact same reason. It's just so freaking hot outside!!!

So here is a question from one fluffy butt mommy to another. Besides staying indoors and rocking the ball pit and editing birthday videos what is the best way you have found for staying cool when you go outside?

Penny and i usually go swimming but evn that is getting obnoxious (to me..not her...she's a fish!)

~*Jess*~ said...

I hate getting thrown off on my days. Luckily we see the trash cans outside the night before so we can remember to put ours out. We also recycle a ton so that cuts down on a bunch of trash.

Loving the crown ;)

Sara & Mike said...

Cute blog! Love the crown. What a sweetie. :)