Monday, June 28, 2010

Where McFatty begin.

(sorry should have worn a tighter dress but you get it right, much flater!)  

June 28, 2009- Craig and I spent our last day as non-parents eating. No seriously, we did. We went out to lunch at one our favorite local spots and then lounged around in the pool until 6pm when we made our way to the hospital. After we got settled, the nurse told us that I was too dilated to do anything until the morning so I could have nice big dinner (no food once labor started) and they would give me a sleeping pill which was glorious. So off my fab hubby went to get us a pasta dinner take out. Our nurse's recommendation so that I would not be starving in the morning. I ate Alfredo sauce and indulged in every last second of my final seriously guilt-free fatty meal. 

June 28, 2010- We are a day away from baby boy's first birthday and I am over the baby weight. Still fighting to get off those last few pounds but I must admit I feel like a different women. My former energy levels have returned and I don't avoid mirrors anymore. I have even looked at my reflection a few times and been pleased. I am getting there, give me a few more months and I vow to be BAACK. I even bought some new shades this weekend that were totally different from my standard look of the last 8 years and guess what? My hubby told me that I looked like a hot college girl in them... damn that felt good, real good.

What have you done that made you feel like your old self? What have you done that makes you feel baack?!?


Heidi - D said...

Just dropping by to say congrats on your success. It is so great to see progress... Even if it is in other people and I am stagnant for the most part!

I started a McFatty link-up/blog-hop at my site if you'd like to join up!

Keep up the good work woman!

Blair said...

aww, hot college girl is AWESOME!

I dropped the baby weight- that was a BIG thing for me, got a hair cut, & got a little sun on my legs :) I don't know why, but the combo of those three things has made me feel MUCH better about myself.