Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Momma's little boy

Loves to be held all the time. He constantly runs to me with his arms raised above his head saying "momma". It melts my heart every time. But this momma's lower back is on fire from constantly resting the little guy on my hip. After an especially stressful trip to grocery where EJ would only be happy if I held him, I caved and bought an ERGO.  I had promised myself to wait until we had BH #2 but after reading that they will hold the weight of a toddler on your hip I went straight to Ebay and bought one.

I wish I had bought one earlier, it is amazing. I got the sport so it is not as bulky and is so soft. My back is already feeling better. It has quickly made my Top 5 must own baby gear. See how happy he is?

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