Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not so baby anymore

Its been a constant theme lately, how my baby refuses to be a baby. He used to cry because he couldn't go anywhere and he would fight and struggle and roll. We even have a full on baby six pack to prove it. Then he cried because he couldn't crawl, then he wanted to walk and would fall over and now he wants to play with Mom and Dad's toys not his. Things like the remote, camera, kitchen appliances and especially Daddy's keys. If we put them out of his reach, lock up a cabinet or take something away it results in a total meltdown and mega temper tantrum.

However, the latest test of independence is hysterical and very nasty all at the same time. My 10 month old has discovered that he can take off his clothes and more importantly his diaper. Which has result in more than one poop on the floor, yes that's right he has been pooping on the floor and even once played in it. ICK! EJ sucks at diaper change time. There are only a handful of people that can change his diaper  alone. He bucks, twists (remember that baby 6 pack), and tries to get away. Forget changing tables, you have to wrestle him to floor and hold him down and be quick or you will certainly get some poop on you.  So the question goes do I make my life fun and duck tape the diaper to his body, make the switch to the cloth diapers that clasps in the back or do what my mother suggested and buy a potty and every time he removes said diaper make him sit on it for a few minutes???

Such a big boy! When did that happen??

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Megan said...

This is terrible and I am going to admit it here: a few kids (mainly boys) that I babysat, I actually had to pin them down on the floor with my legs. My legs over their arms and legs so I could change their diaper! I guess it's never to early to learn how to use the potty?