Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have baby fever.

There are little babies everywhere and I want about 4 of them. Maybe because EJ is beyond easy, he is truly a perfect child. Or the new mom cloud has snuck in and those first 6 weeks that were so tiring are not in my memory anymore. Or maybe its seeing the previews for "Babies" all day... note to self you must turn the tv off more.
Regardless, I have little bitty baby fever for a sec and then I remember pregnancy, the lose skin on my belly and the dimples in my arms. I then remember that I am currently killing myself with Boot Camp regime that my husband set-up for me. Yes, I run up my big hill 5 times a day, run/walk 2 miles and lift weights. Yesterday a muscle in arm cramped and you know what went through my head? I did not know that muscle existed. And I get over it real fast, I enjoy a glass wine at night, I am going to wear a 2 piece and look good in it again. All it takes is to see those ice packs that we bought after EJ's birth (the expensive pea like ones that were plastic that I wore for weeks straight) in the freezer and I wonder if I will ever have another child. Cause damn y'all the l & d was nothing compared to the 3 weeks after. ((shuttering)) Not to mention, I have plans, big plans for this summer. I WILL retake my wedding photos so I can get a picture in my dress NOT PREGNANT. I want to have one pretty wedding picture and currently I look well... not pretty at all. I, also, have a honeymoon to take, yes before the year is over my husband has promised me a week of us, beach, some fishing, and damn it, romance.

I repeat that to myself as every random stranger in the U.S. of A ask when are having another. Yes, I know he is adorable and yes, my husband and I make cute kids but NO, there are no buns in the oven. Thankyouverymuch.

Que the babies trailer and then I am back to having baby fever. Anyone else suffering from the disease?? How do you cope with it because I am not falling prey to it. No ma'am I am not!

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Megan said...

Um, I had that fever too for a while. But as I get closer to getting into that bikini the fever seems to cool. Also, a good friend gave me some advice and said that waiting until baby 1 is at least a year is best b/c then they can help with baby 2!