Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Meal Planning

I finally lost some weight y'all!
I have been hovering around the same weight that I was at 5 months pregnant for months. But after 2 weeks of steady exercise it is starting to come off. Slowly but surely, its going to melt away... I hope.
l am still searching for that runner's high, I haven't found it yet but am going to keep looking. Today, I muttered under my breath how much I hated this running thing my entire run. Stupid Ipod died and listening to my feet hit the pavement over and over again sucks. I'm just saying.

Our biggest issue lately is dinner. So I took this fancy new Ipad that my hottie aka the hubs got me and made use of the calendar app.

I read cooking mags, blogs and even books daily and am always setting aside new recipes. This week they are in my calendar for dinners and I even made a very easy to the point grocery list. And the best part is, I don't fret about dinner anymore.

Instead I prepped dinner during the afternoon nap like I always do and even had some time to spare since I wasn't poring through the cabinets for 30 mins figuring out what we are eating. Less stress about dinner will result in less take-out. I am sad to say lately I just threw in the towel and called it in more than a few times recently. And thats not my MO normally. I fell that we momma's are the pace setters for the family's diets and in our house the parents need to get healthier and we need to instill those good habits into our cutie.

What do y'all do to keep yourself from going crazy figuring out healthy meals and making sure dinner makes it to the table???

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Megan said...

We do E-Mealz!! Love, love, love it! I have zero time to meal plan or grocery shop and this saves on both and saves money. And we do the Weight Watchers version so it's somewhat healthy.