Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mom or Not?

Can you believe that it is already May? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was staring at this strange stomach that had appeared and overdosing on milk and marshmallows. And yet the reality is that was a year ago and here we are another year under our belt and another Mother's Day. Its my first Mother's Day where the entire world will agree to celebrate me.
This time last year I was about 32 weeks pregnant and boy was I big, EJ was already 5 lbs and siting all in front. I was miserable, I was contracting a lot, not braxton hicks but the real deal and enough for the doctor's to warn me that they thought I was going to go early. And of course I was hormonal, really hormonal. Sometime around this time last year my husband told me I was acting crazy and pretended to video tape me with his phone. Ole Crazy grabbed it out of his hand and smashed it into a million pieces on the floor. Don't mess with Preggo! Needless to say in my book I was Mother. I was caring him around in body for God's sake. There was a human inside of me beating me up from the inside out... that is Motherhood. A few people in my life did not agree and boy did it not go over well. Let's not forget how hormonal I was, I never said anything but inside I was pissed and if we are being honest I am still a bit miffed.
But this year, I am a Mother. I survived 39 weeks of pregnancy, I labored 10 hours, I pushed 15 minutes and I have survived 10 months and 1 week of being Mom. Its awesome, I love it. I was put on this earth to be a Mom, some days I want to run away from home but then EJ calls "Momma" and I melt.  A total stranger wished me Happy Mother's Day today and I stopped and thought Yay! No one can tell me I am not a Mother yet! That's me... Mom.

So what do you think? Are you a mom pregnant or is that titled saved for those who labor and deliver??


Sarah Turner said...

YES! You are a mom pregnant!!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

I think you are totally a mom pregnant. I actually sent some of my pregnant friends cards this year, because I feel like now I really understand what it means to feel appreciated as a mom. It truly is a special day. And makes you reflect on your blessings and the wonder of being a mom!!