Saturday, May 15, 2010

Me time.

Today, I sat on the couch alone and watched a serious chick-flick. Baby napped, dad was gone coaching a lacrosse game and my kitchen was so messy that there was an odor wafting around. I needed to break out the bleach, throw my hair back and clean but I didn't. I was good host, no great host last night and simultaneously watched and fed EJ, cooked a lot of food and mingled with old and new friends. I forgot to eat, but I did not forget to drink.

So with a pounding headache, I curled up on the couch and watched a girly movie and realized that I haven't curled up alone and watched a movie for me since I was pregnant. It was awesome. I forgot how much I loved a dumb movie and quiet.

Most days I do not stop, I move from one project to the next and sitting down occurs only when needed like playing with EJ or folding laundry. Nap times are a race to get as much done as possible before it is back to baby duty. I am a master at a quick deep clean and proud of it. But, I need to remember that occasionally the house can stay dirty, the projects can wait until another day and enjoying the quiet with a movie my husband would never agree to watch is needed... for me.

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