Thursday, May 20, 2010

A birthday twist.

Somewhere around my 5th month of pregnancy I was shopping for some new and bigger clothes.This preggo was A. very against all the maternity clothes I had seen so far, I was weird I thought they looked frumpy and I didn't want to wear them. B. I was hardly showing my stomach was basically a hard knot thanks to only being up 7 lbs (don't hate me I made up for later) and C. really hormonal... shopping with me was blast. I either cried or stormed out of the store mad.

Since I was just buying bigger clothes in the department store, I had to inform my sales lady that I was in fact, pregnant.  This woman was awesome,  helped me find clothes and was definitely a mom. She knew the hormones. She had felt the unbalance. She didn't tell me that the maternity section was elsewhere, instead she helped me get some staples to get through the next few months.  And she did what any person does when faced with a pregnant lady... she let me know her thoughts on labor & delivery.

Sales Lady- "You will never feel the same way about your birthday"

Me- ::Blank stare:: "Huh?"

Sales Lady- "Just wait, you will see"

Me- "Uh Ok"

Fast forward 4 months this was me...
Forced to lay on my side with one leg in the air (babe wouldn't move down) and pumped so full of drugs that one side of my body was numb. I am not complaining, I had back labor... all back and numb was way better than the other. People were coming and going and sticking their hands up me. My water broke in a few huge gushes that conveniently waited until the nurse had cleaned me and everything up and then did it again. Then it was go time and my mom was right there pushing my back up so all my energy was centered around pushing all 8 lbs of EJ out.

This year I spent my birthday thinking of my mom and what this day means to her, her memories not mine. How 28 years ago she woke up and went the hospital and labored and then delivered me. How I tore her so bad she was in the hospital for a week. May 19 is my Mom's day, not mine.

How thankful am I for her, she gave me life and then she helped me give my son life. What a sweet moment that was. Much sweeter than my poor husband's moment... holding my leg seeing a scene that I would have rather him not. Things just aren't pretty down there when babies come out. He is still getting over it 10 months later.


Kacie said...

I have an 8 month old son and still hadn't thought about how true your story is. My Bday is May 27th and my mom had a really long and hard labor. I can so relate to her now that I have been through this and can't wait to celebrate our day together. Thank you for sharing and helping me realize that my birthday should be more about her and what that day means to her. I can't even imagine the emotions that I will be feeling on my son's bday.

Bigg Samson said...

You rock Honey! So does Susan, greatest Mother In Law ever.

EZ said...

Thanks for stopping by Smyrna Baby - I look forward to following your blog! I honestly had not thought of my birthday from my Mom's perspective, so I love your post!
Did you deliver at Northside? Your baby boy is adorable.