Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Updated Nursery

Here's the new rug Mom and I found . It ties in the 2 shades of blue we are using and pretty cute too. Dad's first purchases for EJ were the 2 jerseys displayed. In the right is also a taste of some of the many clothes we are collecting for our sweet boy. I personally can not wait to dress him! And the awesome baby bouncer that Grandma Milner got us. It folds so we can take it everywhere and very cute too. I am such a Mcclaren Baby addict.

Here's the close up of the elephants on the bumper. All is left is the red embroidered to border each elephant, I plan to tackle it this weekend.

Thanks Genie and TL for the great mobile, look it how great it looks over the crib!!
This elephant has totally freaked Bruno out he stands in the doorway of the nursery, we have a scat mat placed in the doorway to train the puppies to stay out of the nursery, and barks his head off at the elephant. Its so funny!

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Erin Fudge said...

Awww!! It's really cute, great job! I never knew you were such a seamstress!!! Great job on the elephants, they're adorable! Love you!