Wednesday, May 13, 2009

34 week Appointment

Today was big at the Doctor, for the last 5 days I have been having what I suspected were mild contractions whenever I moved around. When I say move around, I mean move in any capacity that is bigger than walking around the house. I went to the mall on Friday to window shop and ended up confined to a bench outside of Sur La Table for an hour. So needless to say I was a looking forward to getting some medical advice on what in the world was going on with our little man.

After a very shocked doctor discovered that I gained one lb and 5 cm in my stomach, I found myself sitting on the table getting an impromptu ultrasound. Thank goodness, everything looked great! Our little man is quite a bit ahead of schedule with a weight of nearly 6 lbs. BUT the biggest shock came when the dr took me off exercise and told me to try gain just a bit more weight AND that this baby was going to be early. Little EJ will be a June baby so everyone say a little prayer for my sanity, I need to keep him put for a few more weeks so I have to watch it and I am already getting cabin fever and not too excited about this development. This overly independent gal is not looking forward to sitting around for few weeks. I get next week off from the doctor and then its a weekly visit every week until D-day.

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