Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet the Big Brothers

Aren't I cute? Now give me a dog treat or I will bark at you!

My name is Bruno and I sleep ALL the time!

EJ is lucky enough to enter this world with 2 big brothers to torment and play with. Samson and Bruno, as you can tell, provide us with daily entertainment.

Samson is a pound puppy Craig got a few years ago. He is a doberman and lab mix we suspect however you would never know. His sense of smell is a little off and guard dog he is not, instead he is slightly afraid of everything. Samson loves to beg for treats, lay on anything with a cushion, and eat everything... this includes and is not limited to his dog food, rocks, sticks and any toy his parents are dumb enough to get him. Needless to say, we will always have pet insurance on our little goat, its only a matter of time before we end in emergency surgery extracting some foreign object that he has ingested.

Bruno is a puggle puppy who originally came to us to be sold with his litter of puppies from my parents puggles. His mother Cooper was my dog pre-Craig but they never quite accepted each other and Cooper decided that she really liked her grandmother better and refuses to live in Atlanta with us. Bruno was our favorite puppy in the group and when he didn't sell right away we decided that he was too good of friends with Sammy to leave. Bruno is the laziest dog you will ever meet, he prefers to sleep and the only activity he likes more is eating. Currently, he is digging holes all over the back yard and giving Sampson the business when he has gotten a full 20 hrs of rest.

Neither dog has mastered the idea of being a guard dog but we hope at some point one of them will learn to bark at strangers instead of only when they are playing, wanting food or to be let out of the crate.

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