Friday, May 22, 2009

Its been too long!

Sorry for the delay in posting... I will post a much more interesting post complete with up to date nursery photos in the next day or so.

But a A HUGE THANK YOU to Aunt Stephanie and Grandma Holman for a truly fantastic baby shower, with all the other things on my plate the last few months it was so nice to not even have to think about the shower. It was beautiful and so perfect! Not to mention the 25+ people that gave gifts. Whether you could make it or not and I know a lot of you were busy... wedding season is in full force, so many took the time to shower baby EJ with love.

I promise to post pics soon, I should have taken a picture of our dining room table that exploded baby for days. But, everything is finally up and I even got the curtains finished yesterday. Contractions have stopped the last few days, this taking it easy really worked... I will say that I am dying from the pollen that has gotten stirred up with Atlanta's windy days and I am about ready to get my labor on, get my drugs back and meet this little boy.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, don't forget in all the laking and boozing to take a minute and thank all the men and women who are being remembered this weekend.

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