Monday, May 4, 2009

The trends of having a bump!

While talking to a friend this weekend about all the millions of things that a baby needs, as you might suspect I was having another mild freak out about all the items I will need to not only acquire but then find a place in our quaint home to store, I heard the best statement! 
"There are way too many entrepreneurs out there capitalizing on the trend of baby bumps." And you know what she is so right, there are tons of gadgets and goodies that people are swearing by and loads of us new moms who are rather gullible and buying them all by the truck loads. 

How did we ever survive??? I know my mom did not even think about a need for this item... 
As seen on The Today Show.... THE TUMMY TUB
The baby bath tub that is suppose to mimic the womb... I think that EJ might freak out if I put him this? Not to mention the many pictures of me taking a bath in an oversized mixing bowl, isn't that the same thing. Wow Mom sure missed out on a way to make us all very rich?!?!?

At 7 months and 5 days he is already unhappily squashed. I know this because he has decided that his butt is best positioned all the way up my rib cage and if I slump over at all he flutter kicks me until I sit up straight. There will be no swaddling this baby, he is happiest with his legs spread and it appears from both ultra-sounds one hand in his mouth and one hand over his groin. There is no doubt he will be just like his Daddy and that makes me really happy! 

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