Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So the computer was broken for weeks!

And thats where I have been. I am sure you all were looking daily and wondering where the Holmans went =)

But for the moment both computers seem to be working again... my mac died this time last year when craig spilled coffee on it. Prego LA could not handle it and threw said laptop into a drawer and it stayed there for a year even through a move. Yesterday, I got the nerve to take it in and lie to the mac man. "Nope, no liquid has ever found its way to this computer." Well I don't know what he did but it got it to turn on and eject EJs 3d ultrasound and it stays on as long as its plugged in. Very happy about having my pretty white mac back!

I will leave you with a cute easter pic of my little guy!

See mom its empty! I opened the egg and ate the goldfish! 

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