Thursday, April 8, 2010

Splash Tub

When the warm weather arrived last week EJ and I basically spent every waking hour outside. After watching him crawl the entire yard and even attempt to eat dog poo I decided we need to get something to entertain him in one place so I could sit some. This girl was a pool rat in my single days I would lay out by the pool and read a book every single chance I got. After walking around Toys R Us checking every outdoor toy they had. I decided on a splash tub and then got a few bags of outdoor toys. They were so inexpensive 15 bucks for both bags. They were pitched to be for the beach but we are creative and I figured sand or not EJ would love them. I was right as these pics show.

Warm weather brings the pollen and Atlanta is slammed with the pesky yellow dust these days. The last 3 or 4 springs I have come close to dying from sinus pain and issues. I was determined to not have a repeat year so I have been taking a mega dosage of sinus drugs for a couple of weeks. I may have pushed it yesterday when I cleaned out all of the front beds of our house though, so today is an inside day with lots of cooking and recipe tastings.

Check out the cutie pie walking...

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