Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For the love of food...

Cause y'all all know I love to eat and with that love comes a love of cooking. And oh my god have I been rocking the kitchen lately. Which has been fun however rather destructive to the family dieting. But its all worth it and honestly isn't keeping us from losing, really.

Oprah killed it for me when she did a show about Food Inc, it was eye opening and totally screwed my coupon-cutting grocery shopping. I am now officially one of those people... I am officially WEIRD have strong feelings about the food that we eat. The word processed makes me cringe and I read labels all the time. I am without a doubt my farm-raised grandmother's worst nightmare.

I ditched Kroger this week for Trader Joe's and there was no party to grab snacks or flowers for, the only reason I ever went there. But, again that was before... before I became weird.

You may say  this is not new, you did make from scratch all EJ's baby food. And that I did and I loved every minute of it. and so did he. But currently I am making everything from scratch.

Pizza, dough and all, with a balsamic drizzle that was to die for. It was good, damn good.

I have, also, made homemade salsa, hamburger buns, bread and the list goes on. So I have decided to share with you readers my quest for healthy, limited processed eating ON A BUDGET.  

If you like it let me know, if you hate let me know... comments they great fun to read and not to worry there will still be plenty on the life EJ, Craig and LA. 

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