Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easy peasy toddler meals

After a few weeks of this...
(aka batting my hand away if I tried to feed him and grabbing the spoon which in turn flung food all over the babe, the momma and the floor. Not cool, I am entirely to OCD clean to deal with that for too long.)
I got the go ahead from the doctor to ditch the baby food and go for table food. Surprisingly,  he makes less of a mess if I cut up table food and let him feed himself.  So I have embarked on figuring out a way to make sure he gets all of the good things he needs while letting him fed himself.

I am not overly concerned about food allergies, they do not run in our family and I personally do really agree with any of the hype except with shell fish. He's not touching fish until he's older.

Our first night of table food, I microwaved everything and I am not someone who does that. We never ate microwaveable food growing up and I when I first moved into my own place I didn't buy one. I know, what... people used to come over and look at me in shock you don't own a microwave?!?!? My answer- a waste of money and totally unnecessary.

Here's a list of some of the things I found that he loves that are easy but completely homemade.

Mac-n-Cheese with Mozzarella and Peas
Turkey Meatballs with black beans and peppers
Corn with Potatoes and a hint of Thyme
Quesadillas (this a great way to use the old baby food)
* I make fruity ones with goat cheese and veggie ones with cheddar
Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes and squash with cinnamon
Baby Greek- roasted red peppers, feta and cucumbers

I make a batch of these things and separate them into servings and then freeze part of them. It helps for days when time is an issue. If you want a recipe for anything let me know all the meals take around 30 minutes to make and require very few ingredients.