Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pictures- the afternoon the lil man got into EVERYTHING

Haven't I already proven to you that you shouldn't leave the door to fridge/freezer open?

AND I found a paci, you just think they are for bed and car only. 

Next, we knocked over the laundry basket and used it as a ladder to get on the couch.

Almost made it. 

Isn't this mine?

Bruno share those crumbs with me!

Mom, he's not sharing! 

Aren't I cute in my plane!

I decided to stick my hand in my dinner and smear it all over my face. Is it bath time yet?


Sarah said...

We had the same type of day! Peanut got into absolutely EVERYTHING. It was nuts. But kind of cute.

TL and Mary Gene said...

He TOTALLY cracks me up!! I don't know how you don't fall over with exhaustion at the end of the day, LA!!! You are an awesome mommy!!!! And E.J. is adorable!!!

Emily said...

How cute! I forgot how mobile little ones are. Mine are older now and I actually miss those moments. However, when I'm sleeping in I don't miss wide awake babies! LOL