Monday, April 12, 2010

Holy Drool

Have I told you that if EJ's teeth do not come in ASAP I swear I am going to pull them down myself. We have been teething since he was 4 months think drool factory and random spurts of fussiness that send me running to A. the baby tylenol or B. the liquor cabinet... God bless a pacifier dunked in Jack.

We do find moments of humor in the midst of teething hell, like when my mom let him nom a lemon slice, he LOVED it ( it must be genetic, his great g'dad who he is named after would suck on lemons all day if it didn't destroy his teeth). Then all the sudden there was this look of shock and a scream and he launched the lemon slice across the room. Poor guy has a tooth trying to break through and the lemon burned it. I know I shouldn't find humor in pain but he got over it so fast that we laughed. 

At 9 months, we still do not have a single tooth. Not a one. Are you serious? His gums are so hard that he can eat table food with ease, he even ate an apple slice. Poor guy is miserable and we have hit rock bottom this last week. He yells all day every day, he clings to me and the drool soaks everyone who touches him. When I ask our doc about it at the last appointment, he paused, thought a moment and then smiled... I wanted to smack that smile right off his face..." LA, I have never had a child without teeth. They will come in."

Keep smilling buddy and why don't you come home with me and help me soothe our poor miserable baby.

Mommy my mouth hurts!

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Sarah said...

I feel your pain! Although my little one has teeth, I feel like we have been teething forever! It just keeps coming...and coming...and coming. We're on the molars, now. Sucky! Hang in there. And motrin apparently works better than tylenol. We just switched over :)