Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sneaky little piglet!

I left the freezer open as I was unloading some food for dinner.... the little man snuck right on by me and found his favorite baby food, apples. Of course he knew how to open the ziplock back (seriously?!? when did you figure that out) and helped himself. 
I could not stop laughing as he shoved the whole frozen piece in his mouth. 

Not the least bit concerned I caught him. 

Look at the cute mess he was. 

And then I shut the door. A caused one of these....

Yes we have been having lots of tantrums lately... AWESOME! 
If you have tip on how best to handle them with a 8 month old let me know.  I know photography of said events quite possibly may be encouraging them. 

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Sarah said...

We have temper tantrums all the time these days. My little one is a year old. I usually just let her work it out on her own. Put her down in a safe space, and let her cry it out!!