Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And today I cried...

in the pediatrician's office. Yes, like sat in the waiting room hugging my adorable child to my chest and bawled.

Now why would you do a thing like that, you ask?  Let's rewind about 45 minutes when I was pouring a cup of coffee and watched EJ crawl to the dining room. Not too concerned its pretty bare, I will add the sugar to the cup and go get him. Suddenly there was a loud crash and mega scream, it was that scream the one that makes your heart stop for a minute. I run to the room to find ej standing against our buffet stomping his foot with blood gushing everywhere and a bottle of wine rolled across the room.

Damn, the kid is stronger than I thought. He had pulled the wine bottle out of the wine rack and it hit his middle toe perfectly. What does any level headed granddaughter of surgeon do??? Scoop him up and run to bathroom to immediately clean it, peroxide and all. In that moment of cleaning the WHOLE nail and nail bed started to fall off. The blood gushing, the nail moving oh my god my heart skipped 2 beats and I called the doctor. I must add that EJ was over it, just sat there smiling at me as I wondered if he had just lost the tip of cute toe.

Then the nurse said she would have to call me back and then after 15 minutes she calls to ask if it was still bleeding.. YES you crazy women all over me and my carpet. Well go ahead and come in. DONE, in the car within 5 minutes and on my way, I was mess and left EJ insurance card. Surely they don't need it we were just there and he's less than year we are there ALL the time. WRONG, the made me talk to the insurance lady, who I might add did not know the password for Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.. seriously? And then when I about had a meltdown in the hallway I'm covered in blood talking about insurance a nurse takes me back to the waiting room while I waited for 25 minutes for them to get it together and call me back. Its not like I didn't watch 5 people come check in, sit and wait a sec and then go back but they had their cards.  So what did I do cry until they called me back and had the nerve to ask me what was wrong today. I pull the blood stained towel away to his his poor mangled foot. "Oh let me grab the doctor, YEAH DO THAT!

After 2 docs looked at said toe, they decided that he needed one stitch to put the nail back on that fell off while I was trying to maintain the mess in the waiting room and apparently they can't do ONE stitch there so what did we do... go to the emergency room.  Where after waiting 2 more hours the doctors there decided the nail was fine off and sent us home with a bandaid.



Sarah said...

Oh you poor thing! I know that feeling. It's so awful, when you think your child has been horribly injured. It usually ends up being nothing, I know. I always cry, though, too!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh I would have been crying too! Sounds like EJ is a tough little guy, Harper is all about the drama. Sorry you had to go through that!