Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh we have a lot to report...

I promise to give everyone a nice play by play of the last month or so, but today I am living off little sleep thanks to being rather ill last night and I really want to go snuggle with my cute husband on the couch.  Some highlights include EJ pretty much skipped his 6 month clothes they went from being loose to almost tight and little short. I think we grew 2 inches over night. He said Mama and Dada, does get what he was doing well the jury is still out BUT he said Mama first and it melted my heart. Crawling is imminent he gets up on his hands and feet everyday and rocks and today he lunged his whole body forward needless to say hes sporting more than one bruise on his head from all the crawling attempts. Mom is so excited but a bit scared of a very mobile EJ.

More to come.... Happy 2010!

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