Monday, January 11, 2010

McFatty Monday- Post #2

Damn this week was a wash, started my week not feeling great ended up at the dr Thursday to get drugged up and Atlanta forgot it was a member of the SOUTH and on Thursday night we got snow and ice. Global warming what?

But, I did start doing crunches first thing in the morning, alarm goes off roll right to the floor and 250 crunches. Its surprising how much that makes me feel better, so it is a good motivation to get my butt running that should make me feel awesome after a few weeks of it killing me slowly.

For a good motivational moment I surfed awesome clothing websites, and I die alot. Yes, I love Rachel Zoe and would love a day in her closet if I lost all my body fat and a few of my bones.  I can not wait to get skinny again and slip into some sexy number and have a date night with my cute hubby... Like a real date night not a night were we are both so worn out that we barely speak during dinner and then go get drinks and almost fall asleep into our wine.  So when I want to eat that sugar and read a book instead of broccoli and crunches I am going to go look at those clothes and think about all the fun I could have in one of them.

Goals for this week...
* Water, lots and lots of water and 1 cup of coffee not half a pot
(coffee is crack for parents but I need not complain my child sleeps at night)

*Seriously , 30 day shred. Jillian KICK my flabby booty

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