Monday, January 25, 2010

McFatty Monday... FAIL

Well... this week stunk, I mean REALLY stunk. I exercised umm once and the eating was off oh and I drank kinda of a lot. Craig was laid off on Friday which led to a weekend of us binge eating and drinking. Can you say an emotional eater. Yep, thats me. So despite the fact that I feel as though I am walking in a dream, totally shocked this happened to us AGAIN but I will not life's little heart aches turn me into the woman who let herself go. No sir. Back on the wagon again. Starting with water lots and lots of water.


Blair said...

WTF, it deleted my comment!

anyway, I am so sorry for the lay-off. I would have drowned my sorrows in a bottle of gin every night.

Rehydrate, & you'll be right back where you were. Best of luck!

Megan said...

So sorry about your husband's lay-off! will be praying for you. Thanks for the pacifier encouragement, it is getting better. And hey we have the same sling! I have the grey and blue one, love it!
PS I have not worked out in a week.