Wednesday, January 27, 2010


See these girls??
These girls are 3 of 5 of EJ's Aunts from Memphis. The Lakehouse Girls are some of my oldest and dearest friends and we get to see them this this weekend. That is if the weather works with us. The fear of Winter Storm Part 2 of 2010 is scaring all of us. Hey weather man your wrong, its going to ice, sleet, snow FRIDAY NIGHT. Do you hear me???

 We need clear roads to travel on Friday morning, please and thank you!

There are 3 little boys 9 weeks apart that need to play and 6 girls that need some quality good girl time. Isn't that so fun, 3 of us were preggers together and we all had boys. They are going to grow up being such good buds!

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greens said...

You tell 'em, LA! We HAVE to go!!!