Friday, October 23, 2009

Every Mom needs a Happy Hour

Lately, I have found myself looking at all the many blogs out there centered around pregnancy, mothers and children. It really is quite fun to read the life and tribulations of others in our same shoes. I love how many women share their craziness and then there are the others who think they have actually received a medical degree because they have read every child rearing book out there and determined what is the best medical way to raise children. These women are crazy (I am sorry if you feel that I am offending you but I promise I am not calling anyone out). I have heard over and over the new age reasoning on why we should do certain things or abstain from certain things. And let me tell you if you do something on their No No list you are going to be damaging your child forever.


Calm down and listen to your instincts drop the books in the trash and don't worry so much. Child rearing is static what works today in 10 yrs will be the worst thing you could ever do to your child and what is terrible parenting today will be amazing.

Every mom needs a happy hour, grab a glass of wine let dear old dad take the reins for a few hrs and do something that makes you sane again. And, I promise despite what your firmly believe Dad is not going to break or kill the baby. God gives us dads to do the things moms are afraid to do. Like make them stand at 4 months or let the dog kiss them.

A relaxed, revived women is a better wife and mother and really that is what all strive to be isn't it?


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