Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The mystery of the BLUE poop...

Yes, EJ has grey blue poop. Can you believe it, trust me when I saw it the first time I was shocked and totally grossed out and very worried. So what does any mom do??? Grab the diaper put in a plastic bag and run to the doctor. And guess what the dr laughed and asked if he might have eaten a crayon... nope no crayons here. And then she checked for blood, none THANK GOD and then she laughed again. And I quote if he was not so happy and in such a great mood I might be concerned but he appears healthy lets give it a few days and see what happens. Cause guess what she has never seen poop that color. Great ej just great.

And the dr told me he was too skinny, actually needs to be about 3 lbs heavier so ej got the best news of his life. Rice cereal every 3 hrs when awake, I swear he's already heavier. I maintain he just inherited his uncles and cousins crazy absurd metabolism. Regardless he's loving the drs orders!

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