Friday, December 4, 2009

Seriously... growing

We must be having a growth spurt or two or three. To sum up the last few days have revolved around eating, the I will suck every drop out of this bottle even if it means I getting mostly air type of eating, sleeping and then screaming frustrations out at mom, toys and my new favorite the dogs.

Yesterday's marathon of unconsolable screaming of 3 hrs ended with the most hyterical "picture" ever. Sadly mom was way too worn and stressed out to dig the camera out to actually take the picture. Imagine a red faced EJ sound asleep, holding the pacifer to his mouth with his teething ring/rattle placed IN THE MIDDLE of his face.  Of course he promptly straightened up to his flirty self to show off to his grandparents at dinner out. I can't decide if I am happy he behaved in public or mad that he saves his out bursts to moments at home when mom needs to clean.

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