Monday, May 23, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I mean could this child be anymore of a boy? Note the food all over the face and clothes holding a truck in the middle of the sand. Lets just say we left with him kicking and screaming, he was in heaven. 

Lately life has been slightly busy. I feel it just comes with the territory in the spring and summer. Something about beautiful weather makes everyone come out of hibernation and things can get hectic.

We changed relators and got ourselves quite the go-getter. I have faith that he plans to get our house sold which would make us very happy. This past weekend we finally narrowed down an area to focus on. For the last 9 months, we have tossed around ideas about what area to head to and finally we figured it out. It's a beautiful area that feels like its smack dab in the country even though its not and has a very small town feel. Craig and I felt quite at home, so hopefully this means our house will sell. Only time will tell and until then all we can do is say a prayer and hope for the best. Something that my impatient pregnancy hormones have issues with at times.

Jack is growing like a weed. I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule and he is head down already. My dr made my month today when he told me that he would let me schedule an induction for late July should he not come earlier so that we can plan for it. I have this major fear of a super fast delivery. EJ was less than 8 hrs and I was induced. I am not interested natural childbirth one bit. I have heard one too many people inform me that their second went so fast that there was no time for drugs and that is not ok with me. Needless to say I have basically been praying for an induction the whole time. The planner in me loves it. I can get everything in order and when I go to the hospital I know I am leaving with a baby. It's good for my soul and I could have kissed the dr he when he said that would be no issue at all. So let the countdown begin we have roughly 9 weeks to go!

Craig spoiled this Momma and got me an the Imac that I have been drooling over for years for my birthday. Its big, its beautiful and its has a full creative suite. I can do all my designing, edit all my pictures and keep all my sewing files in order. Needless to say I feel pretty lucky to married to a man who takes such great care of me.  Or a man who wants me to get off his laptop since it has all the programs I like to play with.

I got EJ his very own Vineyard Vines bathing suit and I am so in love with it. Both my boy's sport them. All I can say is I have very adorable little family.

This past weekend we took the little man swimming and lets just say he is taking after his parents and their love for water. These photos are totally raw and am I working on learning how to handle the Manual function so please excuse them they are a work in progress.

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