Friday, February 18, 2011

Nursery Ideas

Little Jack's Nursey has been my focus since Sunday. I had already gathered and planned a perfectly girly shabby chique nursery since I was postive Jack was actually Amelia. Well, as usual my perfectly laid plans were wrong and I suddenly realized that I needed to get my head on straight and manly. I had major issues while pregnant with EJ. I felt most nursery decore was not manly but baby blue girly. And my little boy will have an all boy nursery. We have decided to do a woodlands theme with a focus on bears. The walls will be painted a green. I am thinking this shade.
 We will use EJ's crib because its a manly crib that Craig loves and I hate. I am holding out hope round three will bring a pink and I can buy that beautiful iron crib I have been lusting over for years. So for now we will use lovely item.

I found this crib set on Etsy and not only is she going to make it for me she promised to sell me some fabric to make valences and pillow covers for my window seats.

I am going to order this and frame it for over his bed.
I am thinking a minky slipcover for the most comfortable rocky chair ever and finding an awesome fluffy orange shag rug for the floor.

Of course, we will have the usual things that I gather here and there and buy the boy his fair share of bears. EJ was elephants and man that kid has a ton. I think this a good jumping off point though, don't you? What do you think?

My goal is that come May 19th, my birthday, the room will 100% completed. That means I can spend June celebrating my boys and their special days and the month of July floating, relaxing and waiting not so patiently for August 3rd to arrive.

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Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Very cute. I love all the colors you have in mind.

And bears? zomg. So precious.