Monday, February 14, 2011

Have you heard yet?

The wee one is actually a BOY. I know, right?!?! Could I have any 2 more different pregnancies? My guess this one is going to be a little bugger and we better what out:)

Craig is estatic and I am slightly petrified by the thought of having 2 crazy little boys. My dreams of tea parties, reading books, ballet and such are tabled for now as we prepare for our little Jackson Robert "Jack".
Cute little boy who has profile similar to his big brother.

Showing off his good for us, after putting up quite a fight. It took almost 8 minutes to get him to uncross his legs.

I will say right now that this little boy will get his own little world of stuff. I have issues with making the 2nd child be the hand me down king. It's not their fault they were 2nd so I have to head back to the drawing board and get to working on masculine nursery for the next son. However, as much as I hate our crib (thank you husband who bought it without me there) its a boy crib so that may be his hand me down... the furniture. Especially since we have decided that EJ and Jack will be getting bunk beds in a few years and will share a room for awhile. And as far as clothes go EJ destroyed half of his clothes anyway with his projectile spit-up and mess ways. Good thing we have a Carter's store nearby, its their fantastic sales make this little Mommy quirk of mine be a reality.


Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Love the name! And look at it this way, you already know what to expect with a boy. ;) I can tell you, girls = drama!

Laura said...

this one will probably be TOTALLY MELLOW...that's my guess:).

~*Jess*~ said...

Love it! Our wee one is getting Ava's crib too. But most of the clothes (except some special ones my mom had gotten) will be new :)

Kim said...

Girls SO =drama! Good idea w/ limiting hand me downs. My second got trapped in that, and to this day I find myself fighting it. The ultrasound picture is AWESOME! Totally cracked me up!