Wednesday, February 2, 2011

14 weeks

I swore that I would never ever do belly shots, but with so many family and friends so far away I decided to do it this time. I know how much I enjoy seeing my friends grow from a far so here I am belly and all.
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 14 weeks
Size of Baby: The Wee One is the size of a peach
Maternity Clothes: Yep, its amazing how quickly you show the 2nd time around
Gender: 2 weeks to go!
Movement: the occasional thump...flipping over I assume from our few ultrasounds this child wiggles
Sleep: Awful.
What I Miss: A day without nausea
Cravings: salsa and ice cream
Symptoms: NAUSEA and a total lack of energy
Best Moment of the Week: Laying on the couch and feeling the baby move a few times.


Megan said...

Too cute! Reminds me I need to do mine, though I am not looking forward to comparing to the previous baby belly. And where did you get that shirt? It is so cute!

~*Jess*~ said...

You are super cute. And I need to do a pic like that. Precious!

Laura said...

love it!

becca said...

so, so cute! here's hoping the nausea will go away soon!

Kim said...

This makes me miss my baby belly (s) so very very much!! Take lots and lots of pictures!

Jami said...

Such a cute little bump! Isn't it amazing how soon you feel them the second time? I miss that part of being preggo. Enjoy!

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Aw. Tiny bump pics. How cute!