Sunday, February 27, 2011

The evolving role of Mom

It's no secret that I am doing exactly what I was made for. I am good at this job of mine. You know the job where I manage a husband, a toddler, and a house. I can stick to a budget with the best of them. I can sniff out a bargain on just about anything. I am creative and organized and very clean. And most days I wake up very happy to yet another day doing what I love for the people I love the most.
Not to say I wasn't a great at my profession. I am good event planner. I can create it, organize it and implement it and some days I miss the face paced world of suits, flowers, and tablecloths. I laugh to myself as I reflect on days not too long ago where while in a suit and heels I stopped traffic in Downtown Atlanta so I could get my chartered buses lined up for a shuttle. I used to thrive on clipboards, spreadsheets and budgets. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely do not miss the hours and crazy clients. I do not miss that my only free time ever was before 10am on even given day and the special day of others always took precedent to any plans I ever formed.
I get asked often if I will ever go back to it or some other profession. I find it funny that this day in age it is just assumed that once school starts our job at home is done. I, personally, do not feel that way at all.
Once school starts managing life is a priority. Suddenly, we are juggling school, homework, extracurricular activities and emotionally supporting the needs of an entire busy family. The availability of Mom to handle all kinds of new roles to me seems to be an asset. Whether it is running carpool, errands for the weeks needs and making sure healthy food is readily available for hungry busy kids I feel like a Mom's work is not done.
Just because the bottles have been retired, diapers have been replaced with underwear and babies are nothing more than a memory it doesn't mean Mom is any less important. I admire working moms, I honestly think I would loose my cookies if I was one. We would certainly live on takeout with dirty clothes in squalor if I tried to juggle all those responsibilities but I do feel like as society we need to back off the pressure of stay at home moms. I spend a lot of time justifying why I am just not sure that in 5 years I will restart my career. Of course, if its a financial issue I will do it in a heartbeat but if we can afford to not I am not sure I will. I pretty sure I would be more useful being a room mom, a chauffeur and making sure that if my kids want to do something that logistics will not be the reason we do not do something. Am I the only who feels this way?


Amy said...

Nope, you're not the only one! I love how you've put it. I can't wait to be a room mom! :)

Kim said...

OH THANK YOU!! My youngest will start preschool in the fall. Just 3 mornings a week. And already the 'will you go back to work?' 1st, I DO work. All day, every day. 2nd, just b/c he's in school doesn't mean I'm done. Only, see, I say it with anger, YOU said it so well. I, too, give moms who work outside the home much credit. But when I get this question? Throat punch. That's all I can see. You're much nicer than me!

TL and Mary Gene said...

I couldn't agree more Lee Anne! I was so blessed that my mom was able to stay at home with us. It's an incredible calling and I am so excited about being in that role soon!

Hana said...

I kind of agree...although I'd like to think that I could do the job I love and all the aforementioned. For the brief time I worked and mommied it seemed like I could get a bajillion more things done in the day. I guess it's all about perspective.

Sara said...

I hope to be able to try the room mom, PTA, soccer carpooling side of motherhood! Congrats to you for knowing what you want! :)