Monday, January 24, 2011

When All Day Sickness gets scary

This pregnancy has made me hate life. Within days of happily watching a plus sign appear I have spent my days green with nausea. That coupled with my chronic UTIs and one kidney has proven to be a deadly combo.
I thought I was possibly getting a bit better. I actually craved something and successful ate it last weekend and was very hopeful that 12 weeks would bring some relief. I had been having mega issues for weeks drinking water. I just couldn't drink more than 8 ozs every few hours, the lack of taste made me gag and throwing up water is nasty.
Needless to say I got extremely, extremely dehydrated which is bad news for me pregnant or not. But, the scary thing is I did not realize just how dehydrated I was. My body was doing its job and taking care of the wee one and was sucking the rest of my body dry. Monday morning I woke with a UTI, not a big deal. I get them all.the.time. I know how to deal with them and 90% of the time I am able to get over them without meds. I was in a lot of pain Monday night but woke on Tuesday "thinking" I had gotten over it. I felt much better except a very dull, very low backache.
Anyone who has ever had kidney problems knows that a backache on either side of your body is a scary sign of a kidney infection but this time it was in a totally different place. So I called the OB we decided that since it was really low and I had no fever we would wait it out. I was due for my big 12 week appointment the next day so she order some additional labs and I figured I would be fine until the next morning.
Yeah, right. By midnight, I could not stand. I could not sit. All I could do was pace. I was in more pain than I had ever been in while in labor. And I had back labor and waited until 8 cms to get drugs. Thank god my Mom was in town so I woke her up and told her were going to the closest hospital right then. I figured I was over reacting I still had no fever and I wanted Craig to sleep so he would not die at work the next day.
Fast forward a few hours the Dr in the ER walks in on me on all fours in tears due the pain and quickly got me a shot of morphine. A shot that took 15 minutes to take effect and wore off within 2 hours. That means bad pain. After a few hours and few phone consults and some labs it became apparent the lack of fever was fake sign. I was in bad shape with one hell of UTI and Kidney infection. And inpatient I became. On a sidebar, you know you must really be sick when you look at your Dr when she says she is admitting you and you say that you think its a good idea.  I was a pitiful mess the next 48 hrs. I couldn't eat and I was totally out of it due to serious amounts of percocet. God bless the person who invented that drug. I spent the rest of the week on IV meds and fluids. It took me days to get re hydrated and all I can say is God was watching the wee one, he/she is perfect. I was petrified I was going to lose the baby, absolutely scared to death. And then I had the best ultrasound. The wee one was having a blast, arms and legs a going and wiggling all over the place. I got to see its sweet profile... eyes, nose and mouth.
I am home now after 5 days in the hospital and still feel pretty terrible. I am now faced with some serious Dr appointments. I am going to have to be monitored by a couple of specialists the remainder of this pregnancy and I am going to have to spend the next 6 months taking it easy. Not something I am very good at but I would rather take a step back now then push my luck and find myself on bed rest. 


Laura said...

glad you wrote all this out...i feel like i understand a little better what's been happening with ya:). take. it. easy!!! love ya!

~*Jess*~ said...

Oh sweet! I'm so glad you are ok and what an ordeal to go through! YIKES!

whitney said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough time. This time around has been absolutely horrible for me as well, I don't think I have had one 24 hour period where I thought, gee, I feel great. I haven't been able to drink much water either and sour stuff makes me feel less nauseous so I bought some lemonade mix and have been mixing just a bit of that with the water to flavor it. I have also been killing the juice this time around. Maybe you could try something like that. I hope you are on the mend for good! XOXO