Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cabo 2011

It has been awhile since Craig and I have vacationed and since EJ we have spent no more than 3 nights away. I have been proud of us for leaving him at all. I know so many parents who do not have the means to get away but thanks to a great family we have been lucky enough to get away here and there which something I feel strongly about. Craig and I are number one and the best gift we will ever give EJ and his sibling on the way is a healthy, happy marriage. And that happy marriage takes work, but so does anything worth having.
I can not recommend getting away for more than a day or two enough. It took us 3 days to get off "EJ" alarm but once we settled into enjoying each other and the decreased responsibilities it became a wonderful week. One that made us miss our boy dearly but one that we enjoyed so much that we have vowed to do again summer of 2012. Maybe not as exotic as Cabo, but mark my words we will get away just the two of us for a week.
As par for the course with this pregnancy I felt pretty awful. I wake up ok but by 3pm it's downhill. I learned that I needed to eat a big breakfast because by the time dinner rolled around. I just couldn't eat much. I hit 11 weeks in Cabo and after throwing up in 5 star restaurant on the beach I started praying hard that come next week this nausea will subside. Thank god for drugs is all I can say. They don't make it go away but at least I feel human for a bit.
First night there, pale and ready for some sun!

Yes, I feel a bad as I look.

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