Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where have we been AKA iPhone Photo Dump

A hurt foot, a nursing baby and an energetic toddler can keep you pretty busy. Throw in home renovations and a few trips into the mix and you have one crazy hectic few weeks.

It's full on baby leg season and I love it!

Such a smiley child!

It's a BABY party. Jack and I made a short trip up to Knoxville to meet two of my very best friends little additions. It was such a fun night. I hope these boys grow up to be buds.

While in Knoxville, we all went out to dinner. This was our view in the elevator.

EJ got to spend a week at the farm with my parents while Jack and I got a some good one on one time. It was so nice to spend some time giving him all the attention :)

Someone got a cold thanks to many kisses from his big bro so we spent a few afternoons like this. All propped up and snug.

Look at how long this child is! I am guessing he is going to give his uncles a run for their money in the height department.

Big bro is teaching little bro all about butterflies!

Renovations in progress!

THIS is a sign near my parents. Seriously only in Tennessee.

Boys ready for some quality time at the pumpkin patch!

Because I am crazy apparently, I also decided to ditch the pull-ups.

Such a good little road tripper!

6 hours later windows rolled down and shirt is off!

Pretty sure this kid most favorite place on earth is at his grandparents farm.

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~*Jess*~ said...

Jack is PRECIOUS. He looks like you! But also looks like baby EJ.

Coon meat. Interesting.